How Much Would It Cost to Travel Around the World?

Travelling around the world is pretty much on everyone’s bucket list. However, have you ever wondered how much it would cost to undergo such an endeavor? If you’re in Central Kentucky or Middle Tennessee be sure to check out our friends at Grasslands Environmental who help make this blog possible. Many people believe that travelling around the world in the same trip can be very financially draining and while this may be true, there are some cost-effective methods you can implement to stretch your wallet, including staying at hostels, eating within a budget, etc. Understanding the exact cost of travelling the world may seem next to impossible, but seeing a suitable budget is quite plausible.

What is Included in the Total Cost?

The total cost of your globe-trotting trip will include the following expenses that you should keep in mind and plan for:

  1. Plane Tickets

Plane tickets can start at $1000 and can go up to $5000 or more depending on various factors, including the distance you plan on travelling, the season you travel in (there is a rush season for flights which you should probably avoid), when you buy your tickets, who you are travelling with (and whether you will be paying for them), where you buy your tickets from (a travel agent, a website, an app, etc.) and whether you decide to travel in economy or business class. Of course, a majority of your cost will be put into plane tickets that will take you from continent to continent or country to country.

  • Accommodation

The next major expense will be your accommodation. Generally, it is a well-known rule that if you get accommodation away from the main city, it is likely to be cheaper, but that might add to your transportation costs. However, staying at hostels (especially for shorter trips) is much more feasible than booking a hotel or even a motel. You can even camp, find low budget hotels or motels or do some couch surfing.

  • Transportation Within the City or Country of Stay

During your stay in a particular city or country, it is best to do some research about the most affordable modes of transport. Travelling by bus and train is most cost effective and it will allow you to see the city from a different point of view. Renting a car is only useful if you plan on staying for a long period of time or with your entire family.

  • Food

Food is another major expense that you will have to find ways to compromise on. While eating out may seem like the most convenient option, most major cities have the tendency to sell their foods to tourists at inflated rates. Thus, do your research and eat local food instead of at restaurants.

  • Activities

If you have planned correctly, you will have some activities lined up during your stay at different cities. However, be sure to book activities that will provide you with a unique experience that can only be found at that specific location.

  • Pre-Trip Shopping

The shopping you do before the trip is another cost you should account for. However, you can get a lot of use out of the items your buy. However, make sure these items are only essentials (do not splurge too much on things you will have to constantly pack up).

What is the Total Estimated Cost?

The total estimated cost for a worldwide trip has generally been estimated to cost around $20,000 to $30,000 at the lower end and $50,000 and above at the higher end. The total cost completely depends on your spending habits while you are on your trip.

Final Thoughts

Being cost efficient on such a trip simply requires some planning. Every single penny adds up on a worldwide trip and savings can help you stretch your trip a little longer. So, you do not have to become a pauper afterwards, simply spend wisely.