The 5 Best Places in Mongolia

Mongolia is by far one of the most famous countries for historical and travelling purposes. It has its own share of beautiful places and breath-taking scenery to attract. Being recognised for its nomadic lifestyle and, of course, Genghis Khan, it is a country of vast splendour. Below are just 5 of the best places you can travel to see the beautiful countryside.

Karakoram & Erdene Zuu Monastery

As Mongolia has a lot of historical relevance, this place also holds a lot of importance. This was a place where Marco polo once visited and held great archaeological value as it was built on the remnants of an old city. From the earliest surviving Buddhist monastery, Erdene has three beautiful temples with skilful carvings. This place is great to explore, trek and take in historically.

The Orkhon Valley

This is a valley right in the middle of Mongolia and has great spiritual significance. It was believed that the ancestral spirits resided there and granted the ruler divine power over the entire earth. Due to this, it was a favourite to win over by any Turkic ruler. It is mostly plain land with wild horses running in open fields giving of the sense of peace and divine freedom.

Genghis Khan Statue Complex

Genghis Khan was a ruler so fierce he is known to have been the most brutal and savage leader Mongolia has ever had. It is a towering statue of 40 meters on top of a mountain. This complex has a souvenir shop, fantastic restaurants, and an archaeological museum. It is a place you can go up to the top and see a lot of Mongolia.  


This is the home to almost half of the population of Mongolia with a mixture of urban and nomadic lifestyle. It is the hub of cultural and administrative with its Soviet-era buildings and old monasteries scattered all over giving the place a more rustic and historical look. This place has fabulous art galleries and museums where you can see the history of the beautiful country and how it came into existence.

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

As the title suggests, it is one of the most beautiful national parks you will ever visit. Stretching along the west side of Mongolia, it houses beautifully spread lakes and wildlife so specific to Mongolia that you won’t find them anywhere else in the world. The entire park encompasses three freshwater lakes. With the majority of the park untouched by humans, it has managed to retain its wildness and rustic beauty with wildflowers and vegetation a big part of it. Along with natural beauty, you can rock climb, trek, river rafting and ski in one part of the resort.

Mongolia is a beautiful country of extreme historical relevance and beauty so rustic due to it being protected from a lot of tourists. So, when you do go there to travel, you will find nakedness to the charm, a peaceful tranquillity. You will not be disappointed.